A Front End Gulp.js based workflow

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The only thing you should worry about is your code.

Getting Started

The starterkit allows you to create and build awesome sites without worrying about anything else. To get started, first you will need to download starterkit or clone the repository using git.

Download$ git clone https://github.com/carloscuesta/starterkit.git

After downloading, install the dependencies. (Note: Gulp needs to be installed in your system, if not install gulp globally).

$ npm install

Now you will be able to use the starterkit.

Exploring Starterkit Tasks

Starterkit comes with a lot of tasks that can be runned with:

$ gulp taskname

Let's take a look at them. There are 4 main tasks that groups a bunch of other subtasks. You can run directly a group of tasks using the main one, or just a specific one by their name.

  • gulp : Default dev task, watch and serves your code, compiling on change and injecting them into the browser.
  • build : Compiles styles and templates, transpiles scripts, optimizes images and beautifies prepro files.
  • optimize : Clean unused CSS, extract critical path, compress images.
  • deploy : Upload your /dist folder into your server.

To see with more detail the subtasks runned, please take a look at the starterkit documentation on GitHub.

Generator Starterkit

Would you like to change or use another technologies, frameworks or languages with the same workflow? Starterkit also has a yeoman generator that will create and scaffold out a new project with your choices and options easily in a minute.